5 Super Salsa Recipes

From sweet juicy mangoes to spicy peppers, salsa is full of flavors that tantalize the palate. See more pictures of international tomato dishes.

Though it literally means "sauce" in Spanish and Italian, many of us have come to think of salsa as the spicy red tomato topping that's exceeding ketchup in popularity. There's nothing wrong with that, but the world of salsa doesn't end with buckets at the end of the taco bar. Healthy and flavorful, salsas are diverse enough to accompany just about any food that doesn't come in a cereal box. What's more, they're simple enough that even the more complicated salsas can be made at home in about half an hour -- traditionalists use a mortar and pestle, but a blender or food processor works just as well. Salsas are also easy to modify to suit personal taste. Love the sweet stuff? There are mango and papaya salsas for you. Fire eater? There are literally hundreds of chili pepper varieties, all of which combine beautifully with any salsa (just make sure you don't rub your eyes after you cut them up!). Let's take a look at five outstanding recipes.