5 Things Not to Bring to a Tailgate Party

Raw Carrot Sticks

Many people look forward to tailgating as a vacation from making wise food choices (such as carrot sticks) and save the health food for the other six days of the week.

If you're determined to prove that healthy can be fun and tasty, too, at least bring fruits and vegetables that are grill-friendly instead of the plain, raw variety. Grilling caramelizes sugars in foods, which brings out their sweetness. Just be sure to brush the food in oil first to keep it from burning, drying out or sticking.

Choose foods that are study enough for skewering. Among veggies, try whole onions or cherry tomatoes, or chunks of potatoes, sweet potatoes, golden squash, eggplant, sweet peppers and corn on the cob.

Fruits are little trickier. They're softer and juicier, so you may need a grilling basket. Try peach, apple and apricot halves or large chunks of pear and pineapple. You can also string chunks of fruits and vegetables on skewers, but be sure they all cook at about the same rate.

Fruits and vegetables take to condiments, too. Offer salt, pepper, ketchup, herb blends, steak sauce, caramel sauce, brown sugar -- whatever suits the produce.

As long as you treat your tailgating crowd to snacks everyone can safely enjoy, it's sure to be a success.

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