5 Tips for Creating Flavorful Low-sodium Meals


Pull the Trigger on Salt

The art of reducing sodium in our diets comes down to two approaches: substituting more interesting, vibrant flavors for salt and just working to reduce how much sodium we consume.

We'll get to some great salt substitutes shortly, but for now, let's focus on the second course of action: simply cutting down the volume of sodium in our diet.

In the battle to keep sodium at bay, the humble spray bottle can be a great weapon. Fill it with low-sodium soy sauce (which is still quite salty tasting) and fire a spritz or two on your steak or salad. The spraying action makes sure you get even coverage, and as long as you control your trigger finger, you'll wind up with less overall sodium on the plate.

Not a fan of soy sauce? You might want to consider an interesting product called Bragg's Amino Acids, which is also made from soybeans. It's low in sodium, and users report getting a great flavor boost from the dark liquid.

Another type of ammo with which you can load the sprayer is balsamic or herbed vinegars. They'll provide a sharpness that can be just as satisfying as salt.