5 Tips for Creating Flavorful Low-sodium Meals


Instead of using salt to make up for missing flavor at the table, why not flavor your meats and vegetables beforehand by treating them to a nice bath of herbs, spices, vinegar and other yummy ingredients. A well-marinated piece of meat cooked on a grill speaks for itself without any assistance from salt.

When preparing your marinade, keep strong ingredients in mind. Think vinegar, mustard, horseradish, lemon, red wine and, believe it or not, coffee. They'll all stand up to the flames and infuse the meat (or vegetables) with lasting flavor. Sweet ingredients like orange juice, honey or crushed pineapple will cause your meat to form a nice caramelized crust when grilling.

For some low- or no-salt marinades from TLC, check out this Citrus Marinade, Moroccan Charmoula Marinade or a Mustard, Rosemary & Apple Marinade that goes great with grilled pork.

Keep reading for lots more about low-sodium cooking.

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