5 Tips for Keeping Vegetables Fresh

Are you seduced by fresh vegetables in the grocery store, only to have them rot at home? See more pictures of vegetables.
Noel Hendrickson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When times are tough, it's important to consider how we're spending our money. Dining out is often one of the first sacrifices we'll make for our personal budget, opting to eat meals at home instead. Off we'll go to the grocery store, planning out meals that will be just as delicious as those made at our neighborhood bistro, but much, much cheaper.

However, the sacrifice goes for naught when we consider how much food we throw away. According to a 2002 study, families living in the United States throw out an average of 470 pounds (213 kilograms) of food each year, a fourth of which was made up of fresh produce [source: Levitt]. When food rots before we can eat it, we're not helping our budgetary bottom line. This article has five tips for keeping those vegetables fresh enough for your dinner menu.