5 Tips for Low-sodium Cooking

Spice Things Up

Let's face it: Low-sodium dishes can be tasteless -- especially when you're addicted to salt. We instinctively turn to the table salt as an easy antidote to bland food. However, if you're willing to be a little creative and open to other flavors, you'll find countless ways to spice up your meals. You'll soon wean yourself off of the salt-shaker and may even discover new favorite seasonings and flavors.

Take advantage of the dozens of herbs and spices carried in your local grocery store that can add a little zing to your meals. Some of the most popular herbs include basil, oregano, thyme and cilantro. Besides the dried varieties, the fresh herbs in the produce section hold a more vibrant flavor. To save money, you may consider starting your own herb garden so you'll always have fresh herbs at hand.

In the spice aisle, consider paprika, cumin, cinnamon, allspice and, of course, pepper. If you want your food to pack a punch, consider cayenne pepper and blends like curry or chili powder. Low-sodium cookbooks will suggest particular spice blends as substitutes for salt.

But be sure to look beyond spices and herbs to ingredients like onions, garlic and lemons, all of which add kick to dishes and are popular substitutes for salt.

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