5 Tips for Low-sodium Cooking

Use Low-sodium Substitutes

Many people simply don't do well with drastic changes. If you love putting ketchup on everything and are suddenly told you have to stop cold turkey, it can be jarring. But take heart: If you don't like the idea of changing your diet entirely, you do have other options.

To help wean yourself off of salt, invest a few more minutes in each aisle of the grocery store. You might find that many of your favorite condiments are available in low-sodium form. Instead of grabbing the standard bottle of ketchup, search the shelves for the "no salt added" variety. You can even find low-sodium soy sauce and rice vinegar as well as other condiments in many places.

Believe it or not, soup and bread are not necessarily off the table for you, either. And making your own is a great way to control the sodium content. Low-sodium bouillon is available to let you make your own healthy soup. And it's possible to use sodium-free baking powder and baking soda when baking bread. But don't expect salt-free breads to be fluffy -- they tend to come out of the oven dense.

Although they're increasingly popular, low-sodium ingredients may still be hard to find in certain areas. If so, consider shopping online for these products from trusted Web sites.

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