5 Tips for Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Cooking it up

For the surefire healthiest way of making grilled cheese, toast two separate pieces of bread, top with a low-fat deli cheese, assemble on a microwavable plate, and nuke for 20 seconds. No added butter or oil means no added fat, of course. But if grilled cheese is more of an indulgence than an everyday meal, let loose a little—diehards believe the flavor payoff is worth it. Lightly butter the outer sides of the sandwich, pop onto an extra-hot frying pan, and let brown on both sides. (A sandwich or panini press can also do the job.) In summer, coat crusty bread in gourmet olive oil, top with an extra-sharp cheddar and a few seasonal veggies, and let cook on the grill. Pair with a crisp white or rose wine and—voila!—the perfect warm-weather dinner, best enjoyed outside.