5 Tips for Making a Grilled Cheese Sandwich


Dipping and drinking

Though just terrific on its own, the right grilled cheese sandwich practically begs to be dunked in something. Tomato soup is a classic, of course, when paired with cheddar grilled cheeses; try French onion soup with a Swiss creation and rough-textured salsa for a grilled cheese made with pepper jack. But soup’s not the only important liquid in the game: beverages are worth mentioning, too. While wines might go best with raw cheese boards, grilled cheese enthusiasts have grown particularly fond of the way the sandwich pairs with beer. There’s no hard-and-fast rule about which cheese work best with which brewskies, but in general heavier beers (IPAs, stouts) complement sharper cheeses such as cheddar, low-hop bitter beers such as hefeweizen bring out the best qualities in chevre, and bries and camemberts work well with blond and pale ales. Try out different pairings and let your taste buds determine what works best for you.

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