5 Tips for Quick and Easy Beef Dinners

Lean cuts of beef make a flavorful, healthy and quick dinner. See more easy weeknight meals pictures.

Unless you have a personal chef, putting a nutritious dinner on the table every night can be a real challenge. Most of us don't have the time to spend a couple of hours on prep and cooking -- or even one hour, for that matter. It can sometimes seem like take-out and tuna cans are the only options.

Not so. You can make a well-rounded meal without committing to an afternoon in the kitchen. One of the biggest determinants of how long you'll spend cooking is your protein source, and happily, the ever-popular beef option is fully conducive to getting a healthy meal on the table in no time.

Here, five tips that will have you serving up a beef dinner in less than 30 minutes -- no drive-thru, no delivery charge and no can opener. We'll begin with an approach that works absolute wonders when you're able to plan ahead ...

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