5 Tips for Quick and Easy Beef Dinners

Toss It (in a Wok)

The combination of high heat and small pieces (more surface area) that characterize stir-fry makes for a super-fast beef dinner, and the emergence of bagged, prewashed veggies makes it easier than ever.

In just 10 to 12 minutes, you can fully cook bite-size pieces of steak or beef tips and a big ole bag of ultra-nutritious broccoli in a wok (you can also use a large skillet, if you prefer). Premade stir-fry sauces and boil-in-a-bag (or premade!) rice makes the meal even faster and easier -- you can get a complete beef-and-veggie stir-fry meal on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Supermarkets and butchers typically sell precut stir-fry beef, or else you can cut your own from almost any round cut. The latter takes a bit longer, of course, but often costs less.

Want to make the sauce yourself? Try:

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