5 Tips for Quick and Easy Beef Dinners

Open a Package

For some time now, food manufacturers have heeded the call of the time-short cook. In your local grocery store, you'll find dozens of packages designed to help you turn affordable, quick-cooking ground beef into a flavorful, fast meal.

You can brown a pound of ground beef in as little as 5 or 6 minutes. Combine that beef, right in the pan, with a genius, low-maintenance kit of seasoning to make tacos, sloppy Joes, beef with pasta, beef with rice, beef Stroganoff or beef chili, just to name a few. These flavors are often extremely kid-friendly, too, which can help a lot. In 20 minutes, you've got dinner ready -- and a pretty healthy one, too, if you choose lean ground beef and whole-wheat accessories and steam of some quick veggies as a side.

Got some extra time tonight? For slightly high-effort versions of these prepackaged classics, try:

Finally, the ultimate, no-cook solution ...

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