5 Tips for Quick and Easy Beef Dinners

Stack It (in a Sandwich)

We usually think of beef as something you cook for dinner, but it just takes a look inside the deli case to see there are a whole lot of options in the precooked realm. And it doesn't get much quicker than simply opening a package. Cold slices of roast beef or corned beef, cheese, lettuce, mayo and whole wheat bread make for a fast, satisfying, and easy-to-assemble meal when you combine it with a bagged green salad and some reduced-fat potato chips.

For a hot version of the quick-and-easy beef sandwich (like a Reuben), take an extra 5 minutes and cook it up in a pan or a clamshell-style counter-top grill, which makes excellent Panini. You'll spend a little longer on clean-up, but sometimes there's no substitute for a hot meal.

Try it tonight:

Whatever you make, remember: "Fast and easy" doesn't preclude "healthy." Choose lean cuts, whole-grain carbohydrates and lots of veggies for a perfectly nutritious beef dinner, all in less time than it takes to get to the drive-thru and back.

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