5 Tips for Quick and Easy Mexican Dinners

Keep Flour Tortillas on Hand

Tortillas are a type of flatbread, and one of the oldest breads known to man. They're a staple of Mexican cuisine, and if your family likes Mexican fare, they should be a staple at your house, too. A package of flour tortillas will last quite a while in your fridge, and they microwave to warm perfection in seconds. They're essential ingredients in dishes like burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas and quesadillas. In a pinch, you can serve them with soup, make chips out of them and even make them into single serving pizzas. Tortillas are very flexible, inexpensive and kid friendly. If you haven't developed a taste for them, try making quesadillas one day soon. They're grilled tortillas filled with cheese and other tasty ingredients. A little experimentation will show you how incredibly versatile this Mexican flatbread can be.

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