5 Tips for Sticking to a Low-sodium Diet at Dinner


Say Goodbye to the Salt Shaker

Break up with your saltshaker -- leave it in the cupboard.

If you're used to sprinkling salt on your supper, it might be time to remove temptation altogether. According to the AHA, adding salt at the table doesn't really have much of a positive effect on your meal, since salt enhances the flavors of a dish best while it's cooking. Take the salt off the table and hide it in a cabinet with the rest of your spices. If you can't quit cold turkey, ask your doctor if you can use a salt substitute. These low-sodium blends will add some zest to your food without upping your salt intake. If your salt shaker is like a best friend, try tricking your mind by dumping out the salt and add a substitute to the container. That way, you still have the familiar shaker, but skip the salt.