Top 5 Worst Things to Eat for Your Teeth

Hard Candy
Lollipops are sweet but they're hard on the teeth.
Lollipops are sweet but they're hard on the teeth.
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Hard candy like lollipops and Jawbreakers are a favorite of the young, and the young at heart. The sweet stuff takes many of us back to our childhood when candy was our BFF. But our moms knew that hard candy wasn't good for our baby teeth, and they still aren't good for the permanents either.

Dr. Sarant calls hard candy "tooth crackers." The harm they cause is two-fold: Not only do they crack your teeth, but because hard candies dissolve slowly, they coat the teeth with sugar for a long time. During one of the most famous candy holidays, Halloween, when both kids and adults are consuming even more than normal amounts of hard candy, it's important to really monitor what you put in your pearly whites.

If you can't put the suckers down -- after all, who can resist a watermelon Blow Pop? -- the Delta Dental Plan of Illinois advises you to drink water or milk after eating hard candy. Both liquids can help rinse sugar off of the teeth until you have an opportunity to properly brush them. Plus, milk not only has calcium for your bones, it's filled with anti-cavity properties that help eliminate the harm sugar does to the teeth.