7 Banned Foods


Blackened Redfish

Fishers can only catch one redfish per day.
Fishers can only catch one redfish per day.
Andrew Kornylak/Aurora/Getty Images

­In 1980, New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme publicized his recipe for blackened redfish, which is still very popular today. The recipe was so popular that it sparked a blackened redfish craze in the 1980s, which so severely threatened the redfish stock that the Commerce Department had to step in and close down fishe­ries in July 1986.

In Florida, strict conservation measures were enforced for two years, and to this day, the state requires that anglers keep only one redfish per day and release any that do not fall into the 18- to 27-inch limit, handling their catch as little as possible to assure that the fish survives upon release.