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Here is a place for you to play with your food -- literally: enjoy, have fun with and celebrate food -- but don't worry, we'll still help you get dinner on the table every night.

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Chocolate Crunchies

Making friends and influencing people can usually be best achieved by sharing a batch of fresh-out-of-the-oven chocolate cookies. Try it and you'll see.

How to Garnish

You've heard the phrase, "it looks good enough to eat." Garnishes are designed for that very reason. Complement the flavor and style of the food you're serving with these beautiful garnishes.

How to Bake Bread

Making a bread recipe for the first time can be a bit scary, no matter how many cooking shows and famous chefs you've watched on television. But preparing your own breads isn't really that difficult if you follow the tips in this article.

How to Eat Out Low-Carb

When eating out, it's hard to monitor what ends up on your plate. Many restaurants, though, have begun to pay attention to diet trends and help customers eat more healthfully. Learn about low-carb dining.

Carbohydrate Basics

Do you think carbohydrates are sometimes the enemy? Well, the fact is that we can't live without carbohydrates. You can have your carbs, maintain good health, and control your weight, too. Learn more about the importance of carbohydrates.

How to Choose Carbohydrates

It's important to keep in mind the distinction between simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbs are digested quickly, while complex carbs take longer to break down. Learn more about choosing the right carbs.

Nut Basics

Whether they're whole, chopped, or ground, nuts add nutrition and flavor to meals and dishes. You will learn about various kinds of nuts in this article, including such salty delights as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans.

Seasoning Basics

Seasonings can be the most important part of a recipe. Herbs are the leaves of plants, while spices are the seeds, buds, fruits, flowers, bark, and roots of plants. Learn about herbs and spices.

Wine Basics

Good wine is one of life's greatest pleasures. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, enjoying a glass of wine can be a sublime experience. Learn the basics of enjoying wine.

How to Host a Wine Tasting

Coming together with a group of fellow wine enthusiasts is a fantastic way to exercise your tasting muscles. Read this article for the details you need to host the perfect wine tasting.

Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry, and Fish

The protein in meat, poultry, and fish offers health benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol and reducing heart disease. Eating healthy is another alternative treatment against illnesses. Learn the health benefits of meat, poultry, and fish.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables offer health benefits, including protection from heart disease, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. Eating healthy can be part of an alternative treatment against disease. Learn the health benefits of these foods.

Health Benefits of Dairy

Including enough dairy such as milk, cheese, and yogurt in your diet can offer many health benefits, including keeping your bones strong and preventing high blood pressure. Learn the health benefits of dairy.

Health Benefits of Nuts

Nuts may be high in fat, but they contain mostly mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which are heart healthy. Studies have shown that nuts can help lower LDL cholesterol. Learn the health benefits of nuts.

Health Benefits of Seeds

Seeds are an excellent nutrition package filled with minerals, folic acid, and bone-building calcium. It's surprising we eat seeds as an occasional snack instead of a staple of our diet. Learn health benefits of seeds.

Health Benefits of Legumes

Legumes are good sources of high protein and offer health benefits, including lowering heart-disease risk. Eating healthier with legumes can be part of an alternative treatment against illness. Learn the health benefits of legumes.

Health Benefits of Cheese

No matter how it's made, cheese is a concentrated source of many nutrients, including calcium. There are many nutritional ways to add cheese to a healthy diet. Learn the health benefits of cheese.

Health Benefits of Grains

Grains in your daily diet can make your body stronger and offer another alternative treatment against such illnesses as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and gastrointestinal troubles. Learn the health benefits of grains.

Health Benefits of Dried Beans, Nuts, and Seeds

Dried beans, nuts, and seeds are good sources of protein and offer health benefits, including lowering heart-disease risk. Eating healthy is another alternative treatment against illnesses. Learn health benefits of dried beans, nuts, and seeds.

Uses for Salt: Cooking Tips

Salt has more jobs in cooking than being an ingredient in recipes. It can perform miraculous tricks for improving flavor, preserving food, and salvaging a cooking disaster. Learn salt's diverse roles in the cooking process.

Uses for Vinegar: Cooking Tips

Vinegar has many jobs to do in the kitchen. It can improve flavor, preserve food, fill in for missing ingredients, and even make food look better. Learn about vinegar's uses in the kitchen.

How much does the average person eat in two years?

How much does a person eat in two years? A trip to Mars is supposed to take six months to get there and six months to get back, and with perhaps a year spent on the planet, how much food would the ship have to carry for each person?

What are calories? How are they measured in food?

I read labels on food packages and always see the number of calories listed. What are calories? How are they measured in food?

What is the difference between espresso and drip coffee?

The main differences between espresso coffee and drip coffee are the fineness of the grind and the brewing time. Read this article to learn about the differences between drip and espresso coffee.

What is mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy sauce or dressing that is made of oil, egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and seasonings. It's not the same as salad dressing, which doesn't contain egg yolks and is generally sweeter than mayonnaise.