Apple and Brie Omelet

Apple and Brie Omelet

Apple and Brie Omelet


Makes 4 servings


2 large Golden Delicious apples
2 tablespoons butter or margarine, divided
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
4 ounces Brie cheese
8 large eggs
2 green onions, thinly sliced


  1. Place large serving platter in oven and preheat to 200°F. Peel, core and slice apples; place in microwavable container. Top with 1 tablespoon butter and nutmeg. Cover and microwave on HIGH 3 minutes. Set aside. While apples cook, trim rind from cheese; thinly slice cheese.
  2. Whisk eggs in medium bowl until blended. Melt 1-1/2 teaspoons butter in medium nonstick skillet over medium heat; rotate skillet to coat bottom. Pour half of eggs into skillet. Cook without stirring 1 to 2 minutes or until set on bottom. Lift side of omelet and slightly tilt pan to allow uncooked portion of egg to flow underneath. Cover pan and cook 2 to 3 minutes or until eggs are set but still moist on top. Remove platter from oven and slide omelet into center. Spread apples evenly over entire omelet, reserving a few slices for garnish, if desired. Evenly space cheese slices over apples. Sprinkle with onion, reserving some for garnish. Return platter to oven.
  3. Cook remaining beaten eggs in remaining 1-1/2 teaspoons butter as directed above. When cooked, slide spatula around edge to be certain omelet is loose. Carefully place second omelet over cheese, apple and onion mixture. Top with reserved apple and onion slices. Cut into wedges to serve.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 omelet wedge
Calories 334
Calories from Fat 64 %
Total Fat 24 g
Saturated Fat 11 g
Cholesterol 467 mg
Carbohydrate 11 g
Fiber 2 g
Protein 19 g
Sodium 361 mg

Dietary Exchange

Fruit 1
Meat 2
Fat 3-1/2

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