Apple Martini Granita (The Nicoltini)

Apple Martini Granita (The Nicoltini)

Apple Martini Granita (The Nicoltini)

Episode 106: Nicole D.'s Menu


Serves 4 to 6


1 2/3 cup/400 ml organic apple juice
1/4 cup/55 g granulated sugar
1/3 cup/75 ml vodka
1 small Granny Smith apple, cored, diced


  1. Stir the apple juice and sugar in a heavy based small saucepan over a medium heat just until the sugar dissolves. Pour the apple juice mixture into in a shallow 8x8-inch/20x20-cm baking dish. Stir in the vodka.
  2. Freeze until the mixture is icy around the edges, about 1 hour. Using a large fork, stir the icy parts of the puree from around the edges into the puree in the middle of the dish to blend.
  3. Continue to freeze for about 2 1/2 hours or until the mixture is frozen, stirring the edges into the center every 30 minutes. Using a large fork, scrape the granita into flaky crystals. Cover and keep frozen. Spoon the diced apples into 4 chilled martini glasses. Spoon the granita over the apples and serve immediately.

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