Apple Toddy

In all but the luckiest parts of the country, it's winter. And in winter, people get cold, they crank up the heat, and then get dried out and hit with big, ugly, eco-unfriendly utility bills. No good!

Fortunately for our wallets, and the earth, there's plenty of information out there on how to stay warmer, smarter. You can block crawlspace vents and insulate the door to your garage. You can even make rice pouch mitten warmers and go to bed with a hottie. Who doesn't love that idea?

When your inside is warm, your outside feels warm too. And one of the best internal heaters is a bit o' the old firewater. So invite some friends, turn off the heat for an hour or two, and enjoy your liquid warmth. Just be sure to drink some water while you're at it.


1 tablespoon sugar
wine glass of brandy (Calvados, if possible)
1/2  of a baked apple


  1. Put sugar, brandy and apple in a bar glass or large mug. Fill the glass two-thirds full of boiling water, and grate a little nutmeg on top.

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