Boo the Ghost

Boo the Ghost

Boo the Ghost


Makes 12 to 14 servings


1 (13X9-inch) cake, completely cooled
2 cups Light & Fluffy Frosting
2 black licorice drops or jelly beans
1 (19X13) cake board, cut in half crosswise and covered
Plastic spiders (optional)


  1. If cake top is rounded, trim horizontally with long serrated knife. Trim sides of cake.
  2. Using photo as guide, draw ghost outline on 13X9-inch piece of waxed paper. Cut pattern out and place on cake. Cut out ghost. Place on prepared cake board.
  3. Prepare Light & Fluffy Frosting. Frost ghost, swirling frosting. Arrange licorice drops for eyes and spiders as shown in photo.

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