Bouquet of Roses Cake

Bouquet of Roses Cake

Bouquet of Roses Cake

Rely on this breathtaking bouquet design whenever the occasion is so special that only roses will do. The design is easy to fit into a tight schedule because you pipe the roses days ahead.


1 recipe Creamy Decorator's Frosting
Red and green paste food coloring
2 (8-inch) round cake layers
1 to 2 tablespoons milk
1 recipe Creamy White Frosting
3 pastry bags with couplers
Tips: Numbers 2, 18 or 20, 104, and 352 or 67
Rose nail
5 to 9 (2-inch) waxed paper squares
1 (10-inch) round cake board, covered, or cake plate


  1. Tint 1 cup Creamy Decorator's Frosting deep red. Pipe 2 to 4 small and 3 to 5 medium roses with 3/4 cup red frosting, number 2 and 104 tips, rose nail, and waxed paper squares. Let roses dry at least 24 hours. (It is best to pipe more flowers than you need to allow for breakage. Cover and refrigerate remaining red and white Creamy Decorator's Frosting.)
  2. Trim tops of cakes.
  3. To assemble cake, remove frosting from refrigerator. Let stand until of spreading consistency. Tint 1/4 cup Creamy Decorator's Frosting green and reserve 2 cups for white frosting. Thin remaining Creamy Decorator's Frosting with milk, adding 1 teaspoon at a time, until frosting is a thin consistency.
  4. Place one cake layer on prepared cake board. Frost top with about 1/2 cup Creamy White Frosting. Place second cake on top. Frost top and sides with thinned frosting to seal in crumbs. Frost again with remaining Creamy White Frosting. Smooth frosting on top and sides.
  5. For flower stems, pipe slightly curved line with green frosting and number 2 tip, starting at top left of cake top and piping downward toward bottom left of cake top. Repeat to pipe 4 more flower stems, arranging stems in bouquet pattern.
  6. Pipe 1 dot on back of 1 dried rose with green frosting and number 2 tip. Carefully place rose at end of 1 flower stem and gently press down to secure. Repeat with 4 more roses, positioning at ends of other flower stems.
  7. Pipe leaves next to roses and on flower stems as desired with green frosting and number 352 tip.
  8. Pipe message in desired writing on right side of cake top with reserved red frosting and number 2 tip.
  9. Pipe bottom and top rosette borders with reserved white frosting and number 18 tip.

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