Moe Cason & Ponderosa BBQ's Catfish Fillets

Note from the TLC Editors: This recipe is an authentic BBQ Pitmasters recipe. Our Pitmasters are really spontaneous and like to create their recipes on the fly, so measurements and cook times are a little loose. Tweak the recipes to suit your tastes and check out How to Grill Food for more tips.


4.5 ounces fillets
2/3 cup mayo
1/3 cup Dijon mustard
8 ounces blue lump crab meat
1 clove of garlic, minced
Lemon juice
4 white oak planks


  1. Soak planks in water for an hour.
  2. Skin catfish, soak in buttermilk.
  3. Skin, spray catfish with canola oil and season with rub. Place catfish on plank.
  4. Mix other ingredients and spread over catfish.
  5. Place planks over 400 degree heat for 10 minutes until catfish is flakey.

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