Chai Tea

Chai Tea

Chai Tea

Prep Time 8 minutes

Cook Time 2 to 2-1/2 hours


Makes 8 to 10 servings


2 quarts (8 cups) water
8 bags black tea
3/4 cup sugar*
16 whole cloves
16 whole cardamom seeds, pods removed (optional)
5 cinnamon sticks
8 slices fresh ginger
1 cup milk

*Chai Tea is typically a sweet drink. For less sweet tea, reduce sugar to 1/2 cup.


  1. Combine water, tea bags, sugar, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon sticks and ginger in slow cooker. Cover; cook on HIGH 2 to 2-1/2 hours.
  2. Strain mixture; discard solids. (At this point, tea may be covered and refrigerated up to 3 days).
  3. Stir in milk just before serving. Serve warm or chilled.

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