Chocolate Swan

Chocolate Swan

Chocolate Swan


Makes 1 chocolate swan (about 28 ounces)


1 (2-piece) swan hard plastic candy mold
2 packages (14 ounces each) dark chocolate confectionery coating pieces*
Fresh raspberries and raspberry leaves for garnish

*If coating is bought in block form, coarsely chop coating before melting.


  1. While holding plastic mold half by its outer edge, polish the inner surface to a high gloss using a soft dry cloth. Repeat with remaining half. Line baking sheet with waxed paper.
  2. Melt confectionery coating in top of double boiler over hot, not boiling, water. Uncover; stir until coating is melted. Remove from heat.
  3. Ladle several spoonfuls of melted coating into one mold while supporting it underneath in palm of hand. Quickly tilt and rotate mold so melted coating covers inside. (Pour any excess melted coating directly back into double boiler.)
  4. For intricate details such as head, neck and tail of swan, use small spoon to apply layer of melted coating
  5. Invert mold half onto prepared baking sheet. Let stand until firm and dry. (Do not refrigerate.) Repeat procedure with remaining mold.
  6. Repeat coating procedure to form second layer with each mold half, including reinforcing head, neck and tail details. Invert molds onto same baking sheet. Let stand in cool place until firm and dry, about 2 hours. (Do not refrigerate.) Reserve remaining coating in pan.
  7. When swan is ready to be unmolded, coating should be firm, dry and pull slightly away from mold halves. Scrape away any bits of coating around edges of mold.
  8. To unmold candy, hold 1 mold half by outer edge with 1 hand and inside of chocolate mold with other hand. Separate swan from mold by applying gentle pressure. (If chocolate does not come out easily, candy is not firm enough; refrigerate 10 minutes.) Place swan half, rounded side down, on small strip of waxed paper. Repeat with remaining half.
  9. If necessary, remelt reserved coating by placing double boiler over low heat and stirring until coating is melted. Using strip of waxed paper, carefully lift 1 swan half and hold in palm of hand. Spread melted coating around swan's rim with small, clean craft paintbrush.**
  10. Carefully lift other swan half with waxed paper strip and gently press halves together to seal. Let stand in cool place until firm and dry. Store loosely covered with plastic wrap at room temperature. Garnish, if desired.


To create feathered effect, just after polishing mold with dry soft cloth, brush melted white confectionery coating onto feather details of mold with small clean paintbrush. Let stand in cool place until firm and dry before proceeding as directed.

Chocolate Easter Bunny or Egg

Replace 2-piece swan mold with bunny or egg mold and proceed as directed.

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