Corn Cake (Torta de Maíz)

Corn Cake (Torta de Maíz)

Corn Cake (Torta de Maíz)

Note from the TLC Editors: This recipe is an authentic recipe straight from Digna Carpio's kitchen! Instead of using exact measurements, Digna is a self-taught chef who learned to "eyeball" the amounts of ingredients needed to make all her food delicioso! You can tweak the recipes to suit your tastes.


Condensed Milk (Leche Condensada)
Butter (Mantequilla)
Eggs (Huevos)
Baking Powder (Levadura en polvo)
Brown Sugar (Azúcar Marrón)
Flour (Harina)
Real Corn, ground - not powder (Maiz)


  1. Mix and cook in a greased pan at 350 degrees until golden brown (Mézclese y cocine en cacerola engrasada en 350 hasta Brown de oro).

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