Cranberry Infused Vodka

I've written an article about infusing your own vodka before. It's pretty simple. And infused vodkas make it unnecessary to use sugary mixers and other junk that just add calories and eco-impact to your drink (more stuff = more impact on the planet, generally speaking). Try and use an organic vodka for this, there are tons of them on the market today. They typically use rye that's not treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

This is slightly different than the basic method for infusing vodkas which is to cut up your chosen infusion (local, seasonal farmers' market bounty) and add it to a liter bottle of organic vodka for a few weeks. For this recipe you have to cook the cranberries.

I found this awesome recipe on Mother Nature Network and it's totally perfect for the holidays.


12 oz. fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar
750 ml bottle of vodka


  1. Simmer sugar and cranberries together until sugar dissolves into a syrup but cranberries are still fairly firm.
  2. Put cranberry mixture in clean, sterile bottle. Pour vodka on top.
  3. Strain the cranberries and store in a sterile, sealed bottle in the fridge.

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