Creepy Crawly Anthill Cake

Creepy Crawly Anthill Cake

Creepy Crawly Anthill Cake


Makes 16 servings


30 chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla cream centers
1 package (13 ounces) peppermint patties
2 quarts vanilla ice cream
20 vanilla wafers
8 to 10 chocolate-covered almonds
8 to 10 round milk chocolate-covered caramel candies
1 tube (0.6 ounce) black gel icing
Candy corn for garnish


  1. For base, place chocolate sandwich cookies in food processor and process to coarse texture. Add peppermint patties and process to coarse texture. Coat 10-inch springform pan with cooking spray. Add cookie mixture and press down gently to cover bottom and up 1/2-inch on side. Add ice cream by spoonfuls. Use back of spoon to smooth ice cream evenly on top. Cover with foil; freeze overnight or at least 8 hours.
  2. For anthill, place vanilla wafers in food processor and blend until smooth. Place in plastic food storage bag; seal. Store at room temperature until assembling cake.
  3. To assemble cake, remove side of springform pan; place cake on serving platter. Pour vanilla wafer crumbs in mound or "anthill" on one side of cake. Arrange "ants" on cake using one chocolate covered almond for each body and one chocolate covered caramel for each head. Pipe eyes and legs with black gel. Garnish with candy corn.

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