Joe Davidson & Oklahoma Joe's Stove Top Mac & Cheese

Note from the TLC Editors: This recipe is an authentic BBQ Pitmasters recipe. Our Pitmasters are really spontaneous and like to create their recipes on the fly, so measurements and cook times are a little loose. Tweak the recipes to suit your tastes and check out How to Grill Food for more tips.


tube macaroni
sharp cheddar
mild cheddar
smoked cheddar
white cheddar


  1. Bring water to boil. Cook tube noodles.
  2. Mix flour and milk and cook down to a pasty rue.
  3. Whisk cheese into rue then push through strainer.
  4. Pour silky smooth cheese over drained noodles.
  5. Mix cheese with noodles, sprinkle flakes over top.

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