Dream Castle

Dream Castle

Dream Castle


Makes 24 to 28 servings


3 (8-inch) square cakes
1 (19X13-inch) cake board, cut in half crosswise and covered
2 cups Base Frosting , if desired
5-1/4 cups Buttercream Frosting
Assorted colored sugar
4 sugar ice cream cones
Small purple and white gumdrops
Pastel candy-coated chocolate pieces
2 pink sugar wafer cookies


  1. Trim tops and edges of cakes. Place one square cake on prepared cake board. Frost top with some of the white frosting.
  2. Cut remaining cakes as shown in diagrams 1 and 2.
  3. Place piece A over bottom layer. Frost top of piece A with some of the white frosting.
  4. Position remaining pieces as shown in diagram 3, connecting with some of the white frosting.
  5. Frost entire cake with Base Frosting to seal in crumbs.
  6. Frost again with white frosting. Cover piece D (bridge) with colored sugar.
  7. Frost cones with blue and yellow frostings. Place as shown in photo.
  8. Decorate castle and towers as shown, using frosting to attach candies, if needed.
  9. Arrange wafer cookies on front of castle for gates.


For easier frosting of cones, hold cone over fingers of one hand while frosting with other hand. Place in position, touching up frosting, if needed.


Color 1/2 cup frosting blue and 1/2 cup yellow; reserve 4-1/4 cups white frosting.

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