America's Top 10 Favorite Baked Goods

Whoopie Pie

Here we have another concoction that can be traced to the mid-Atlantic. Few dispute the treat's Pennsylvania Dutch roots -- the state even boasts an annual whoopie pie eating contest held, of course, at the Whoopie Pie Festival. Throughout Maine and the rest of New England, though, whoopie pies are particularly celebrated.

Texture is key to the whoopie pie. The outer sections are dry, cakelike cookies cemented together with a thick layer of dense, heavy filling. Old recipes of Amish origin feature a filling composed mainly of sugar-saturated vegetable shortening, which leaves a greasy aftertaste.

Traditionally, the outers are a devil's-food-like chocolate, while the middle is a super-sweet vanilla flavor. Like most of the treats on our list, though, the formula just begs for tinkering. Common variations include pumpkin, maple or red velvet cookies with cream cheese frosting, or the ever-popular chocolate and peanut butter combo.

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