10 Most Labor-Intensive Desserts


This many-leveled French delicacy has five main types of layers: nutty meringue, chocolate ganache, praline, nuts and coffee-flavored buttercream. Each of the five layers involves enough steps to constitute its own dessert, making this a seriously time consuming, multi-step recipe -- anywhere from one to six hours depending on how many corners you cut (not including chill time). And since each layer is prepared separately, by the time you're done you'll also have a large pile of dishes in the sink.

The meringue involves mixing, baking, cooling and cutting; the ganache requires mixing, boiling and stirring; the praline calls for mixing, simmering, pouring, cooling, cutting and blending; the nuts require chopping; and the buttercream involves heating, stirring, whipping and cooling. After all that you still need to assemble the dessert layer by layer. The result is delicious, but it's no wonder this is typically a restaurant-made dish.

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