10 Tips for Biking Through Wine Country

Know What You Want

There are lots of ways to bike through wine country. There are bicycle races and charity fund-raising rides through a variety of wine regions, usually with a celebration at a winery after the finish line. If you're interested in such events, cycling clubs and Web sites are good sources of information.

If you're more interested in touring wine country via bike than in participating in a competition or event, you have many choices and decisions ahead.

Think about what you want and what you're able to do. Wine-country bike tours can be as short as one day or even part of a day, or they can be several days long and involve international travel. Some organized tours are as long as a week. You can travel inexpensively, or you can spend thousands of dollars. The emphasis can be on the cycling, with the winery stops as a fringe benefit. Or the emphasis can be on touring wine country and sampling wines, with the bike riding as a leisurely, green and healthy way to travel. The first step toward choosing the tour that suits you is figuring out your goals.

Read on for tips about other important choices.

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