10 Tips for Great Adventures in Wine Country

Take the time to explore different wineries and taste a variety of wines -- just not all in one day!
Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Northern California's wine country produces 90 percent of the wine we drink here in the United States, and it boasts thousands of wineries, big and small. Not only are these wineries the country's top producers for vino, but winery tours are a popular tourist destination and a great way for wine lovers to explore California's countryside.

Choosing the right wine country tour can give you a unique experience that you wouldn't have exploring the area on your own. Tours can be anywhere from a few hours to many days, and each wine country excursion offers a unique way to see the area. Whether you're into fast-paced adventures or more of a luxury vacation, read on for some tips on the best ways to enjoy wine country.