10 Traditional Cakes from Around the World


Strudel -- Germany

Cabbage strudel: dessert or main course?
Cabbage strudel: dessert or main course?

Looking for a cake that could fill in as dinner or desert? Try strudel, an old-style German cake made with high-gluten flour and shaped into a long roll. If you're making desert, layer the dough with a fruit filling, like raisins, cherries or apples, and decorate the top with icing. If a main course is what you're after, use ingredients like spinach and sauerkraut instead.

Strudel dough is dough is a lot like classic Greek phyllo dough, so the finished product can look a lot like another low-profile pastry: baklava. When it comes to phyllo and strudel dough, thinner is definitely better. You want to create layers that are so thin you can see through them.