10 Wine Pairing Tips


Keep Things Simple

Usually, the goal of pairing food and wine is to come up with the ideal, complete dining experience. The food and wine are equal stars on the stage that is your table. The goal is to have the two reach a pleasing balance, without one overwhelming or clashing with the other.

Sometimes, though, you may be fortunate enough to have a really outstanding bottle of wine. You still want the food and wine to complement each other, but you also want to let the wine be the star of the show.

If you have a fine, well-aged wine whose complexity you want to appreciate fully, the best approach is to make the food simple and basic. Choose a food with enough substance and taste to stand up to the body of the wine. At the same time, though, try to keep things simple. Go with roasted meat and light seasonings. Keep the side dishes as basic as boiled or steamed vegetables with a little butter or oil. Avoid rich sauces completely, or serve them on the side.

Have good food, but not food that will compete for attention with the special wine you want to savor.