5 Great Kosher Wines

Ultra-Orthodox Jew Haim Abergil stands alongside ripening Shiraz grapes in a Dalton vineyard as he recites his morning prayers during their Sauvignon Blanc grape harvest August 19, 2004. See our collection of wine pictures.
David Silverman/Staff/Getty Images News

Kosher wines have improved in the last couple of decades, inspiring a generation of wine lovers to rethink their drinking habits. Kosher wines are processed differently from conventional wines, typically including some additional steps, limitations and certifications, and more wineries around the world are now adding kosher options to their standard offerings.

Although wines fall into lots of different categories, there are two fundamental types of kosher wine: those that have been flash pasteurized (mevushal) and those that haven't. A mevushal wine can be handled by non-Jews after the bottle has been opened. This makes it the default choice for gatherings where there will be a mix of guests or servers present.

Our selections aren't mevushal wines, but they're kosher and should appeal to a variety of tastes. The five wines we've chosen represent established wineries that have distinguished reputations for providing superior kosher wine. We've also scoured the globe to offer up some fun wines with international flair.

Finding Kosher Wine

When browsing the kosher aisle of your local wine shop, check the bottle for these trusted kosher certifications:

  • OU - accepted by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis (may be shown as an "O" surrounding the letter 'U")
  • OK - OK Kosher Certification
  • Certified by the Chief Rabbinate