10 Most Popular Desserts in America



Thanks for the cow hooves and pig bones, mom!
Thanks for the cow hooves and pig bones, mom!
Elie Bernager/Getty Images

There's always room for Jell-O. At least that's what the dessert's famous ad slogan says. Jell-O is actually a brand name, but it's has become synonymous with any kind of gelatin dessert. It's called "America's Most Famous Dessert" and there's an undeniably fun appeal to the jiggling. It's easy to make and there's virtually no cleanup required. All you have to do is add boiling water to the powdered mix and chill for a few hours. It's no wonder it's so popular with moms around the country.

Here's something mom probably never told you -- gelatin is a processed version of collagen, a natural protein found in the tendons, ligaments and tissues of mammals. It's made by boiling the connective tissues, bones and skins of animals. For Jell-O, it usually comes from cows and pig bones and hooves. Take that powdered gelatin, add some artificial sweetener and food coloring, and you have a very popular dessert. Chalk one up for the advertising business.