Top 10 Things You Can Make with Honey

Hot Toddy

Tea isn't the only hot beverage that tastes better with a few drops of honey. For a cocktail that's easy on the taste buds and is sure to warm you up, try ordering a hot toddy on a cold winter's night. Although it's a popular cold-weather drink, you'll be hard-pressed to find two bartenders who can agree on a hot toddy recipe. It's one of the more loosely defined cocktails on the drink list, but nearly all hot toddy recipes call for a combination of the following: hot water or tea, honey, lemon juice and a splash of whiskey or brandy.

Most doctors we know are unlikely to prescribe alcoholic beverages, but the hot toddy is still a very common cold and flu remedy, because it's said to soothe a sore throat, ease congestion and, of course, help you conk out. The danger is that because the cocktail's honey helps it slide down so easily, you might forget that you're tossing back hard liquor. So pace yourself. Aren't you supposed to be sick?

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