Top 10 Things You Can Make with Honey


Legend has it that the natural sweetener we're so fond of was used by ancient civilizations to embalm their dead for sweet eternity. Nowadays, honey's preservative properties help to keep baked goods fresh, so leave the mummies in the museums and try baking a loaf of honey challah (pronounced hah-lah). Challah is a traditional Jewish braided loaf that's typically served with the Sabbath dinner, but it's good to snack on any time, and it makes a particularly tasty French toast.

Although we prefer honey challah, some recipes call for sugar. If you want to substitute honey for sugar, just remember to reduce the water accordingly, so the dough doesn't become too gooey. If you want to add a glaze that will give the bread a sweet and crisp outer coating, mix a few teaspoons of honey with an egg yolk and brush it onto the loaf before baking.

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