Top 10 Things You Can Make with Honey

Snack Bars

The ooey-gooey quality of honey makes it uniquely suited to a particular type of baked good: the soft, chewy snack bar.

Honey retains its moist, sticky, flexible texture even after baking, which means granola bars, trail mix bars and cereal bars are prime honey products. It's incredibly easy to make your own, healthier alternative to the store-bought kind: You're basically just tossing together oats and/or other whole grains, honey, an egg, butter or oil and whatever delicious bits of snacking you have in the kitchen. The crunch of nuts and seeds and the tartness of dried cherries or unsweetened cranberries are perfect complements to honey's unique texture and sweetness.

You can easily vary both the sweetness and the chewiness by increasing or decreasing the amount of honey you put in without damaging the outcome, so feel free to customize at will.

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