5 White Wine Nutrition Facts

White Wine Offers Organic and Vegan Options
Wine made from organic grapes is certified to be free of added sulfites.
Wine made from organic grapes is certified to be free of added sulfites.

Have you ever looked at a bottle of wine and wondered what the decal reading "organic" really means? No wonder so many people are confused. The definition of "organic" can be slippery.

Let's start with wine that has the USDA organic seal on it. This means it's made from organically grown grapes, and that the certifying agency is disclosed on the bottle. USDA organic wine can't have any added sulfites, which are preservatives that keep the wine from turning into vinegar, but it may have naturally occurring sulfites, as long as they total less than 20 parts per million. Wine labeled "made with organic grapes" or "made with organically grown grapes" is made from organic grapes, but it may include added sulfites.

Vegan wine contains no animal-derived ingredients. Although many of the wines that use such ingredients during the processing stage don't actually contain animal products in final bottle form, their mere use is enough to make the wine unacceptable for vegans. Organic and vegan wines tend to cost more than nonorganic or nonvegan wines. Their selection is smaller, but don't worry, there are still loads to choose from.

So, how do organic or vegan wines compare on the palate? Only you can answer that! You might just have to do a taste test.

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