5 White Wine Nutrition Facts

White Wine Goes Into Food as Well as With It
White wine adds flavor to sauces, soups, marinades and other dishes.
White wine adds flavor to sauces, soups, marinades and other dishes.
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Food takes on flavors of the wine you cook with, just as it does with spices. Use white wine for sauces, sautes, soups, marinades or other dishes. Depending on what you do with the wine, the alcohol in it often evaporates completely during cooking.

One recommendation is to cook with a wine you'd enjoy drinking. Don't use the cheapest wine you can find or use an expensive bottle. This way, you avoid infusing your food with the unpleasant notes of cheap wine or wasting a perfectly good bottle that's meant to be enjoyed on its own (so that you can detect all of its complexities without interference from food flavors).

One benefit of cooking with white rather than red wine is that it doesn't turn your food red.

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