Top 5 Wine Country RV Resorts

What are some of the best wine locations to visit in an RV?
Paul Sutherland/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The rugged, mobile comfort of RVing has appealed to Americans practically since the advent of the automobile. With more convenience and flexibility than outdoor camping, traveling in an RV (recreational vehicle) makes for a great way to explore new places on road trips. Incidentally, over the past few decades, alongside with the enduring popularity of the RV, the popularity of wine tourism has risen in the United States. The phenomenon of wine tourism simply involves wine enthusiasts traveling to wineries, where wine is made, to sample and purchase the product.

Although you may be thinking that RVs and wineries typically attract very different types of tourists, more and more people have come to realize that the two pastimes go together perfectly. After all, the combination is a great way to experience a particular region.

We've researched professional and user ratings to gather a list of some of the best RV resorts meant for experiencing wine country across the United States. Keep reading to find out which ones make the list.