Syrah or Shiraz Wine Grapes


Capable of providing both intellectual and sensual satisfaction, Syrah (aka Shiraz) truly is a grape whose time has come.

It can rouse passion like Pinot Noir, yet it's less fickle; it can stir the intellect like Cabernet Sauvignon, yet it retains a gypsy wildness. The only question mark hanging over Syrah is why we all took so long to fall in love with the grape.

Syrah's rise in fame over the past two decades has been nothing short of meteoric. While we have the Aussies to thank for this, numerous examples are now sprouting up all over the wine world.

For high-class versions, try Californian examples. For value, southern France has several bargains, as well as some rather more serious examples. And, if you fancy something slightly different, try what the Aussies drink with their Christmas dinner - sparkling Shiraz.



Twenty years ago, domestic demand for Shiraz was so sluggish that some Australians resorted to producing Shiraz muffins.



What term is used for California producers who use Syrah and other Rhône grapes?



Rhône Rangers.