Ultimate Guide to the Apulia Wine Region

By: Sarah Siddons

Apulian wines are a practical purchase in today’s economy - good wine at a good price. See our collection of wine pictures
iStockphoto/Adrian Assalve

­For a relatively unknown region of wine production, Apulia's contributions to the industry shouldn't be ignored. It's quite a valuable asset to Italy, not only for its wine production but also for all of its influences on Italian culture and history. But for now, let's focus on the wine. After all, this diverse region is one of the top 10 wine producing regions in the entire world [source: Black].

So why is it then that so few have heard of Apulian wines? A big part of this is that their major uses have been to lend body to wines from other regions, but that's all changing­. The land in Apulia is cheap and the vines have been around for a long time. These factors have br­ought attention to the area, drawing in eager winemakers [source: Black]. While the quality of wines coming out of Apulia continue to improve, the prices have stayed relatively low making the values found there some of the best in the world. In today's economy, it doesn't hurt to be on the lookout for a good deal and many Apulian wines give you just that -- good wine at a good price.


­Apulia definitely carries a stigma of quantity over quality, partly because a number of vineyards in the region ­work together to produce higher yields [source: Nicks]. More recently, however, wineries throughout the area are keepi­ng things in house, overseeing every step of the process and ensuring the quality of wines being produced with their name on the bottle.

In a country fam­ous for wines, Apulia is directly responsible for almost one fifth of the total supply. That's enough to keep them in constant competition with Sicily for the title of Italy's most productive wine region [source: Wine Country]. The region produces 25 DOC wines. DOC translates to Denomination of Controlled Origin and wines carrying a DOC designation are presumed to be of higher quality. In the grand scale of Apulia's wine production, those 25 wines represent an incredibly small portion of the region's total output. Apulia wants to be known for quality, but it has more work to do.