Ultimate Guide to the Apulia Wine Region

By: Sarah Siddons

Famous Wines of the Apulia Region

Reds, roses and whites, oh my! Apulia can do it a­ll. The region is primarily known for reds and roses, but it produces a few well-known white wines as well. Some of the most famous wines in Apulia come from an area called Salice Salentino. This happens to include the first rose that was ever bottled in Italy, the Five Roses of Leone de Castris, a wine that burst onto the scene in 1943 garnering a lot of attention. For a number of generations each member of the de Castris family had five kids, hence the name, Five Roses [source: Leone de Castris].

Reds and roses carrying the name Salice Salentino are made from Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera grapes and carry DOC designations [source: Nicks]. Another wine born from the rocky soil of Apulia is Primitivo di Maduria and it is one of the most famous in the entire region. It is made entirely from Primitivo, the grape that is an exact DNA match to the California Zinfandel [source: Nicks]. Considering the success that vintners have had with the California Zinfandel, it comes as no surprise that it's identical twin Primitivo, is just as successful if not more so.


Though many of Apulia's DOC appellations focus mainly on reds and roses, there are three areas that produce white wines exclusively -- Locortondo, Martina Franca and Gravina. Locortondo is probably the most famous of the Apulian whites, made from the Verdeca grape [source: Nicks].

A wide array of wines is produced throughout the Apulia region. Although many of the best wines in Apulia have earned DOC designations, those that have earned an IGT designation shouldn't be completely ignored.

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