Ultimate Guide to the Calabria Wine Region

Famous Wines of the Calabria Wine Region

If wines could talk, Ciro would have quite a bit to say about Calabria. It's been around for a ­long time. In fact, some people believe that it is the same as Cremissa, a wine that was used to toast the gods at the ancient Olympic Games back when they were still competing in sandals and togas [source: Sonkin]. It's quite possible that Ciro is the world's oldest wine that is still being produced. That's pretty interesting when you consider that it comes from a region that only uses a tiny fraction of its land for wine production [source: Made In Italy]. Ciro is made as a red wine, a white wine and a rose. It was the first Calabrian wine to receive a DOC designation and is hands down the most famous wine from the region.

Presently, there are 12 DOC appellations in Calabria producing a variety of different reds, whites and roses. The Greco di Bianco deserves to be mentioned. It is a white sweet wine that has quite a reputation for quality [source: Italian Made]. Unfortunately, it's hard to get a hold of, and outside of Calabria, it's almost impossible to find. The wine is made from the Greco variety of grape, which shows up in a majority of DOC wines from the region.

The Pollino, Donnici and Savuto DOCs are interesting because they are made from Gaglioppo, the same grape used to make Ciro. However, they have a different taste because of the altitude at which the grapes used to make them are grown [source: Italian Made]. It's amazing to think that by changing the altitude at which a grape is planted can both control the climate it grows in and the properties of its flavor as well.

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