Ultimate Guide to the Campania Wine Region

Campania Wine Region Agriculture

The agriculture of Campania goes well beyond grapes. In fact, we ­can thank this region for one of the world's most popular dishes -- pizza. This delicious food had been eaten in different forms for centuries before it was invented in its modern-day style in Naples.

Long ago, people actually believed that tomatoes were poisonous, so they didn't serve them. But some were so poor that they had no choice but to risk eating tomatoes [source: Gordan]. With Naples' role in the creation of pizza, it should come as no surprise that Campania produces a variety of tomatoes and cheeses. The region also grows an abundance of additional agricultural products, including:

By far, Campania is most famous for its buffalo and goat cheeses, as well as its chestnuts. The buffalo mozzarella cheese (Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP) is made by hand and is famous worldwide. Salerno offers a few mozzarella festivals throughout the year if you have a passion for this tasty delight [source: Delicious Italy]. And what goes better with a glass of wine than a selection of gourmet cheese?

Have you finished that last drop of wine yet? If so, get another -- in the next section we'll learn about the famous wines of Campania.